The idea of GSK emerged from the need to sustain an ecodevelopment programme being implemented in the area between 1987 to 1997.

Kalyan Hiraman, an unlettered but wise buffalo herder, sought to set up an initiative which would equip the next gen of the community of the area with the needed capacities to take on the challenges of life and livelihoods and the relationship with the forests and forest department without having to depend on external support.

An initiative which could provide quality education to children around the Ranthambhor National Park was envisioned as the way forward. Sachin Sachdeva and Jyotsna Lall were entrusted the responsibility to set this up and an organisation comprising people from the area was set up to provide the institutional platform to the idea.

GSK was registered in 1997 but remained dormant until 2004. The first school was set up in 2004.