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Every two months the children of Gramin Shiksha Kendra publish a magazine containing their stories, poem, and art work. The publication is called Morange–a word meaning peacock feather. We invite you to explore our archive of Morange below.


May-June 2019
March - April 2019
January - February 2019


November - December, 2018
September - October, 2018
July - August, 2018
May - June, 2018
March - April, 2018
January-February, 2018


November - December
May - June
September - October
March - April
July - August
January - February

Our Morange archives date back to 2012. For a full list of archives contact us.

Other Publications

A Look into Education at Gramin Shiksha Kendra
In Kaleidescope, educators who have worked in our Uday Community Schools share lessons and stories about education. Read it to learn more about our education philosophy and what it looks like in practice.


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