Our Operations

Vistaar Programme

The Vistaar programme is GSK's way to spread what it has been able to prove and demonstrate at the Uday Resource Schools. The Uday Resource Schools are our way of demonstrating quality education and to prove that quality education is possible in a rural setting.

Vistaar has four main parameters on which GSK works to effect quality education – communities, school management committees, children and government school teachers. By addressing the four main parameters of education, GSK has attempted to change the way education is perceived across its area of operation

We have the following to share from those experiences


  • School Management Systems
  • Classroom Management systems
  • Adapting Pedagogy and Curriculums to local contexts
  • Implementing CCE
  • Adaptive Use of TLM
  • Pre and In Service Teacher Training
  • Expanding scope of curriculum to include cocurriculum activities for learning – Pottery, Theatre, Assembly, Charkha, Craft, Art


  • Community Understanding of Quality Education
  • Community Inclusion in School operations and management

School Management Committees

  • The methods and systems of governance
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding what to govern


  • Inclusion of sports and its impact on the Overall Development of the Child
  • Creating space for creative expression in children – Morange and Kilol
  • Creating a mechanism for overall development of the child in a rural community led school
  • Preparing children to participate as active citizens of a democracy
  • We have been able to develop an Education Resource for the District which has been used by the Government School System as well

STEAM Centre
To improve the levels of understanding in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and to encourage the study of Arts and Humanities, GSK has set up a Centre for children to experiment, explore, engage with learning in Bodal. The Centre is working with 17 government schools around Bodal. The Centre is also functioning as a resource for Government teachers.


Village - Bodal
Established - 2017
Teachers - 3
Facilities - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Engineering labs and a library.

Kilol – Celebrating education
Kilol aims to bring the school and its community together to celebrate education and make it a joyous occasion.
Kilol is an annual event and has been marked since 2004 in GSK schools . In 2015-16 the first Kilol was held in a government school. In 2016-17 the Kilol idea was spread to 5 government schools and communities.
We envisage that schools and communities will allocate one day each year to celebrate education and jointly organize a Kilol each year. We hope to take the idea to 10 schools in 2017-18

Adopt A School Programme
GSK in partnership with the Education department of Rajasthan, adopted two government schools in Sawai Madhopur city and Bodal in 2012 for a period of 5 years. The objective of this MOU was to inculcate best practices in schools run by the government and assist their teachers in developing new teaching methods. After April 2017, these schools have become a part of the Vistaar programme.

Bodal Primary School

Village - Bodal
Adopted in - 2012
Students - 112
Teachers - 5
Attendance - 76%
Facilities - 3 classrooms for Classes 1-5, playground, Library, separate toilets for boys and girls.

Urban Primary School, Sawai Madhopur City

Village - Bodal
Adopted in - 2012
Students - 76
Teachers - 4
Attendance - 70%
Facilities - 8 classrooms for Classes 1-8, playground, Library, Science Lab, Computer lab.